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Software Compatibility
No – not that kind of compatibility! Jasmine from Ontario, California email “Your website doesn’t list the software companies your keytags are compatible with”. You’re right Jasmine – and
Assigning Barcodes in Zen Planner
By now you know that our keytags are compatible with many software companies – including Mindbody Online, Twin Oaks, and of course Zenplanner. But just how do you go about assigning barcode keytags
Assigning Keytags in Mindbody
Yes – our custom keytags are compatible with MindBody software! That said, we’ve never known the details about how to link your clients to our keytags … until now! A recent post on MindBody’s
Mindbody Compatible
Recently, we have seen a real upswing in the number of customers who have ordered from us that use Mindbody software. So we decided to dig a little deeper to find out just what it was that was causin
Best Scanner For Self Check-In
Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to test several scanners, and we’ve recommended a few different models, depending on your budget and how you will be using it. Recently we’ve seen a tr
Barcode Numbers & Letters
Did you know that some member / client check-in software does not allow the use of letters in their barcodes? We found this out the hard way when a customer ordered 250 custom keytags with a letter T
Barcode Reader Compatibility
Thank you to Karen from Brickhouse Cardio Club in Ellicot City, MD for asking us to clarify a question about campatibility between our keytags and the barcode reader her software vendor supplied her