123keytags.com is a division of Spectrum Fitness Services, based in Syracuse, NY.

Founded by Lee Roberts, Spectrum Fitness Services has been involved in the commercial fitness industry for over 20 years!

One of my earliest business endeavors was starting two World Gyms near Syracuse. In 2001, I developed an access control system that allowed our members to be able to workout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by swiping their membership keytag at the door.

successful, word of mouth about our access control system began to spread, and soon I was contacted by gym owners around the country who also wanted to convert to 24-hour access. After helping over 200 gyms throughout the United States convert to 24/7 access, I sold the access control business to a software provider.

After exiting the access control hardware business in 2008, I continued receiving orders for keytags on my website (originally www.keytagclub.com) Early on, I sold keytags almost exclusively to owners of 24-hour access gyms,
but over time, I began receiving orders from many different types of users.

In 2013, I rebranded our website to
www.123keytags.com to better identify the business. Today, we are providers of custom barcoded keytags and gift cards at the best prices available anywhere on the internet! The rebranding also highlights our "as easy as 1-2-3" ordering process.

To date, we have sold over a million custom keytags, and our customers include Gyms, Youth Groups, Pilates & Yoga Studios, Chur
ches, CrossFit Studios, and more!

If you keep track of your members, clients, congregation or group via barcoded keytags – you are going to be glad you found us!

to 123keytags.com!