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Are your keytags compatible with all barcode readers?
  Yes!  Although there are several manufacturers of barcode readers, our keytags are printed using the industry standard of Code 39 (sometimes referred to as Code 3 of 9), making them compatible with every reader on the market!
Are your keytags compatible with all check-in software?
  Yes! To date we have not ever had a software vendor that was not compatible with our keytags. If this were to ever occur, we would of course offer a full refund.
Are your keytags compatible with MindBody Online?
  Yes! Not only are our keytags compatible with MindBody, they are priced much lower, and our turnaround time is faster!
Can I split my order for custom keytags?
  The minimum keytag order size for custom keytags is 250 (per design), so if you are looking to have 2 distinct keytag designs or layouts, you will need to order a minimum of 250 keytags for each design.
Do you only sell S-style barcode keytags?
  Our #1 keytag style is S-style - mainly because of their usability. If you use a slot style barcode reader, in order to allow users to swipe the keytag through the reader, you will require an S-style tab.  If you do not use a slot style reader, you may order any style of custom keytags - such as oval, rectangel, round, etc.
How can I upload my logo?
  Once you complete your purchase, you will have the ability to visit the upload logo page of our website - where you can provide us with your logo, any text you would like on the back of your keytag, and your preferred starting barcode number.
Is there a charge for custom design?
  At, there is never a charge for custom key tag design.  If you want us to make sure your logo artwork is in an acceptable format before you place your order, just email it over to us at [email protected].
What is the lead time for custom key tags?
  If this is your first order of custom key tags, it usually takes 1-2 days to get your order design completed and approved by you.  Once you have approved the layout, it takes 7-10 business days to ship.  Exact reorders (that is reorders with no layout changes) also ship within 7-10 business days.
What is the minimum order size for custom keytags?
  Custom keytags may be ordered in quantities as low as 250. If you need less than 250 keytags, check out our stock “I Love My Gym” keytags, available in quantities as low as 100!
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  Are you are wondering why you ended up here when you were looking for 

In 2013, we purchased the e-commerce site Since the site is better optimized for e-commerce, we decided to use it exclusively for that purpose. As such, has remained as the blog of 123keytags. 

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