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Custom Keytag Production Times
Last Updated: 09/25/2018

We are often asked if we can expedite the production of custom barcode keytags. While we absolutely HATE saying no to customers, we thought it might be helpful to explain the production process so that customers know the reason why (in this case) we must.

Once an order is received, along with the logo and any accompanying information, we get started on a layout right away! We typically will have a layout (proof) for customers to approve the very next business day, though it can take up to 2 business days if the art department is running behind.

  1. After approval is received, it moves to the production department. The next step in the process is that the back of the keytags are printed. This is typically black ink, and orders are run in bulk, so your order may be batched with other customer orders. It takes anywhere from 2-4 business days for this to occur.
  2. The keytag back requires 24 hours to dry properly before we move on to the front. Keytag fronts are printed in full color, and just like the backs, they require 24 hours to dry.
  3. Next, we apply laminate to the keytags. Laminate is needed to lock in the ink and it also causes the keytags to last longer. As with all other steps in the process, after lamination, the keytags require 24 hours to dry.
  4. Now we are up to day 5-7 of the process, and the keytag sheets enter the die cutting area, where the shape of the keytag is cut from the sheet. Orders of 250 take a bit longer because they are cut using a diferent process.
  5. Next, keytags are sent to the shipping department for packaging and shipping. UPS picks up your order and you are emailed a tracking number.

As you can see, on average, orders ship out 8 business days after the proof is approved. Then customers are faced with transit time waiting for UPS to get the keytags to their business or home.

Because of the way the process works, and the drying time needed in between 3 of the steps, there unfortunately is not any way to expedite production of custom keytags. That said, we do our best to get the layout (proof) back to you quickly, and we are also willing to upgrade your shipping to 2-day or next day for an additional fee (ask for details).

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