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Barcode Reader Compatibility
Last Updated: 09/25/2018

Thank you to Karen from Brickhouse Cardio Club in Ellicot City, MD for asking us to clarify a question about campatibility between our keytags and the barcode reader her software vendor supplied her with.  The industry standard “format” for barcodes is Code 39 (sometimes called Code 3 of 9).  Almost every barcode you find on the back of keytags (including the ones printed on ours) is Code 39.

That means that literally every barcode reader available today is capable of reading our keytags!  There are a few major manufacturers of card readers – among them ID Tech, Metrologic, and Symbol.  But there are also some obscure barcode reader manufacturers, such as POS-X (Karen’s reader), Zebex, and Wasp.  No matter who the manufacturer of your barcode reader is, you can rest assured that our keytags are guaranteed to work or your money back!

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