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Color Bleeds
Last Updated: 10/04/2018

Unlike most keytag manufacturers, we never charge extra for a color bleed! What is a color bleed you ask? A color bleed is the term used when you want the color print on your keytag to run all the way to the edge of the keytag.

Since we print several keytags on a single sheet of material, in order for us to make sure there is not a border on your keytag, we have to run the print beyond the edge of the keytag. When we do this, the area past the edge is called a bleed. The B-Town Barbell logo to the right is an example of a logo that has multiple colors in the background.

Here’s why you may need to understand how color bleeds work. If your logo has more than one background color, such as B-Town Barbell’s, we may have trouble designing your keytag. The problem lies in the fact that we can only bleed a single color off the edge of the keytag. That means that if you are using a solid background color in your design (or no background color at all, which is very common), we will not have a problem.

However, if you are using multiple colors in your background, you may need to do some additional work on your image to get it prepared for custom keytags. Since B-Town Barbell’s design didn’t include a common bleed, we had to ask them what color they wanted the bleed to be. We provided a couple of options, and ultimately they ended up going with a black bleed, as shown in the screen shot of the keytag to the left.

Take a look at your logo design, does it include a multi-colored background? If so, you may want to chat with your graphic designer and and ask them if they can provide a design that is more supportive of a common color bleed. You can always provide them with a link to this post, or you can forward them our S-style Keytag Spec Sheet if they would like the full details of how to design the perfect keytag!

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