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Custom Keytag Reorders
At, we keep all customers,er art files on hand indefinitely. That makes reordering your keytags a snap! First, visit the custom keytag section of our product page and select the quanti
Gift Cards Now Available!
Gift certificates are so last decade! The best way to sell your products and services these days is via Gift Cards . But how does a small business owner go about purchasing Gift Cards? Now you can bu
Logo Background Issues
When customers order keytags with varied backgrounds, we require a large enough buffer around the main logo to accommodate keytag layout. Here is an exa mple of a customer logo that was provided for
Logo Formats
Customers often ask us what format we require for their logo or artwork when designing custom barcode keytags. In fact, we accept many formats – and probably the easiest thing is to submit what you
Color Bleeds
Unlike most keytag manufacturers, we never charge extra for a color bleed! What is a color bleed you ask? A color bleed is the term used when you want the color print on your keytag to run all the wa
Keytag Background Colors
Often, customers ask us to put their logo on a certain color keytag – for example blue. While we are very happy to use various colors as a background for your art work or logo, we are faced with so
Keytag Layout – Rotated Logo
When viewed in their normal orientation, most keytags are short and wide. Think of keytags as having a shape similar to a document that is in a “landscape” orientation rather than “portrait”
Barcode Keytag Shapes
When it comes to custom barcode keytag shapes, you’ve got options! We sell custom keytags in 4 shapes. Listed in order of popularity, they are mini-rectangle, tabbed (s-style), rectangle and oval.
Custom Keytag- Fluorescent Colors
On occasion, we receive requests for custom barcode keytags that use fluorescent colors. Some colors, such as flourescents and metallics carry an up-charge of $100 per order. While you may already kn
Mindbody Compatible
Recently, we have seen a real upswing in the number of customers who have ordered from us that use Mindbody software. So we decided to dig a little deeper to find out just what it was that was causin
What Are Stock Keytags?
Many people ask us what stock keytags are and why they would want to order them. Here are some of the features of stock keytags: Always In Stock. A s the name implies, stock keytags are always in sto