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Software Compatibility
Last Updated: 09/25/2018

No – not that kind of compatibility!

Jasmine from Ontario, California email “Your website doesn’t list the software companies your keytags are compatible with”. You’re right Jasmine – and thanks for pointing that out! The short answer is Yes, it will work! Now, here’s the long answer …

Fitness management software vendors may be unique to the gym industry, but like most other specialty software providers, they use industry standardized hardware integration where possible. What that means to you, the gym owner, is that it is almost certain that every barcode reader on the market is going to be compatible with your software. And assuming you are using an off the shelf barcode reader (scanner), then I can say with 100% certainty that our keytags are going to work with your software. That’s because our barcodes are the industry standard (Code 39) barcode type.

Specifically, some of the names of software companies that we have heard some of our customers say they have are: ASF International, Twin Oaks Software Development, Club Runner, Gym Assistant, Computer Ease, QuikChek by Coral Springs Software, ABC Financial, MindBody Online, Club Sentry, AAC, Motionsoft – and the list goes on! So the reality is that our keytags will work with your *software and you don’t need to overthink it.

* One small caveat – a few fitness industry software vendors require an additional character to be printed on the barcode. You would know if your software required this by taking a look at the barcode on your current keytags or membership cards. If you see a special character before or after the barcode number (for example a % character), you will want to mention that when you order your keytags.

Also wanted to remind you that we offer a 100% guarantee that our keytags will work with your software or we will replace your order at no charge or offer you a full refund. I thought I might also note that we have never had a customer request that, but wanted to at least mention it for your peace of mind

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