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Keytag Layout – Rotated Logo
Last Updated: 10/04/2018

When viewed in their normal orientation, most keytags are short and wide. Think of keytags as having a shape similar to a document that is in a “landscape” orientation rather than “portrait”

This works well for most artwork, as typically logos are also in a landscape orientation. However, there are times when a logo is tall and narrow rather than short and wide.

Here is an example of a logo that is oriented in what would be considered more of a portrait layout.

When faced with a logo with type of orientation, we often check with customers to see if they would like their logo rotated 90 degrees. This allows the logo to fit better with the shape of the keytag, and therefore allows us to size the logo larger on the keytag.

Below we took a mini-rectangle keytag shape and placed the logo in the standard orientation in the first image, and in the second image we placed the logo in a 90 degree rotation. This will give you a better idea of how much larger a logo of this type can be displayed when we change the orientation to a 90 degree layout.

Portrait Logo - Standard Orientation

Portrait Logo – Standard Orientation

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