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Barcode Keytag Shapes
When it comes to custom barcode keytag shapes, you’ve got options! We sell custom keytags in 4 shapes. Listed in order of popularity, they are mini-rectangle, tabbed (s-style), rectangle and oval.
Tabbed Keytags & Slot Readers
Many customers ask us what style of keytag they should order. Available styles include tabbed (aka s-style), rectangle, mini rectangle and oval. The question comes down to 2 things … personal prefe
Round Logos
Keytags often look best when there is less white space around the logo. Round logos are especially tricky to work with because keytags are generally rectangular in shape. But there are some tricks to
Keytag Layout – Rotated Logo
When viewed in their normal orientation, most keytags are short and wide. Think of keytags as having a shape similar to a document that is in a “landscape” orientation rather than “portrait”
Custom Keytag Production Times
We are often asked if we can expedite the production of custom barcode keytags. While we absolutely HATE saying no to customers, we thought it might be helpful to explain the production process so th